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Tradesman Liability Insurance

The term ‘tradesman insurance’ covers a whole range of different professions from Builders to Carpenters, each of which requires a certain set of skills and comes with its own hazards.  However, there is one thing that all tradesman need to protect themselves against and that is liability, especially in this day and age where small mistakes can lead to expensive court cases.  This is why here at Nova Insurance we offer insurance products that are tailored for a variety of trades yet all contain extensive cover to protect you and your business.

If you run your own business you will know the importance of protecting your staff, tools and reputation with tradesman liability insurance, and if you are self-employed you will know how much a difference finding a cheap tradesman insurance quote can make!  This is why our online quote form only asks questions that truly matter, helping us find the best quote for your type of business and the size of your workforce.

Below is a list of all the different types of tradesman liability insurance that we offer, including specialist policies for plumbers, roofers, carpenters, plasterers and more.  If it involves working in a hands-on trade we can find the right policy for you, so why not find out more today?

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Do I need tradesman liability insurance?
If you consider yourself to be a manual worker that offers a certain skill or craft to your customers then you will probably need tradesmen liability insurance. This type of insurance will ensure that you are protected throughout all of your projects, and if the worst does happen you will be able to help your business get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Why do you offer different types of tradesman liability insurance?
Here at Nova Insurance we feel that it is naive to group different types of tradesmen under one category, and that it’s better for tradesmen to have individual insurance policies specifically designed for their occupations. For example, the likelihood of an electrician having to deal with a water related incident is a lot less likely than a plumber! It’s for this reason we provide a whole range of insurance policies, to tailor to your individual needs.

Are there exclusions on each different type of insurance
Naturally, there will be a few exclusions for each insurance policy; however we understand that a basic level of cover is needed for all tradesmen. Furthermore, we understand that there is often fierce competition in the tradesmen industry and so tradesmen can’t be restricted by their insurance policies. This is why even though we provide a range of insurance products each one comes with enough cover to let you get on with your work and be protected at the same time.

Why us?
We feel that we have something that many other companies don’t offer – insurance policies that truly understand the needs of tradesmen and treat each one as an individual. Furthermore, we have eighteen years of experience in the industry, which means that we understand our customers and can provide competitive prices. Finally, we take customer service extremely seriously, and so will be there throughout the whole term of your insurance policy whether you need to make a claim or just have a query about your cover!


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