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Kitchen Fitters Insurance

The property market has been particularly tough over the past few years, which is why most people see a new kitchen as a significant and expensive investment.  Unfortunately, as kitchen units are often quite large there is always the danger of damaging one of your customers’ properties during installation, which is why it is so important that kitchen fitters protect themselves with a bespoke insurance product.

Furthermore, some kitchen units are made from materials such as granite which is extremely expensive and can therefore cost a large amount to replace.  The fact they are so expensive also means that they can be targeted by thieves during transit, and if you don’t have the right type of insurance policy you may have to cover the costs yourself if your goods are stolen.

Nova Insurance’s kitchen fitters insurance protects you against all of these common problems, and ensures that you won’t have to cover the cost of expensive equipment should an issue arise.  Furthermore, if you are accused of causing 3rd party damage our insurance can help cover the legal costs and even provide compensation should you be found at fault. Make sure you protect your business and find a cheap kitchen fitters insurance policy today!

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Why kitchen fitters insurance instead of tradesmen insurance?
We hear this question a lot here at Nova Insurance, and not just about our kitchen fitters insurance! We feel that by creating niche insurance products we are better able to focus on each individual customer, their occupation, and the best ways to protect them. Furthermore, as a kitchen fitter not only will you have to deal with customers but also kitchen utility providers, so there are a number of people you will have to answer to if something goes wrong. This is why we think a specialised kitchen fitters policy is so important for everyone that works in the trade.

Is there anything the policy doesn't cover?
When fitting a kitchen not only will you be installing the counters but potentially also fridges, ovens and dishwashers too. However, if you offer this complete service then we will need you to provide proof that you have qualifications allowing you to work with gas, electricity and water. These three things can cause an extreme amount of damage to properties as well as yourself, which is why our insurance will only cover you if you know how to handle them safely.

How can kitchen fitters insurance help my business?
As kitchens are often expensive to buy and install you will have to offer a good quality service and low prices in order to attract customers. This is where we can support you as taking out a cheap kitchen fitters insurance policy will reduce your total overheads, so that you will be able to offer lower prices to your customers. Furthermore, some clients may want to see your documents before you start working for them, so we provide your paperwork shortly after buying your policy.

Why us?
Fitting kitchens is hard work, can often be dangerous and requires you to be in close proximity with your customers. This is why we provide kitchen fitters insurance policies that protects you for all these elements and can even be tailored to include cover for your tools and employees. We also pride ourselves on our customer service which is why we let you manage your policy online as well as offer one-on-one advice from our customer services team. So if you have any questions or would like to get a quote why not call us today?


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