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Pet Shop Insurance

Most animal lovers think there couldn’t be anything better than running a pet shop, however if this is what you do for a living you know that it comes with its own stresses! Even though working with pets can be extremely rewarding – especially when you find them a new home – you still need to protect your business from common issues.

Keeping your pet shop’s animals safe is just one aspect of your job, and unfortunately there are those that will try to steal them from your store. Along with having security measures in place your pet shop insurance will help you should a pet go missing.

To protect both you and your furry friends make sure you get a pet insurance quote using Nova Insurance today!


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Pet Shop Insurance Explained
Your pet shop insurance policy will be able to help you should one of your animals go missing from your store. However this isn’t all it can do: when combined with a public liability policy it can also protect you should one of your animals injure a customer.

These days it is unusual for any business that encounters members of the public on a daily basis not to have public liability insurance as it protects them against any legal issues. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, especially with animals as they are often unpredictable, which is why public liability insurance is so important.

Compare Pet Shop Insurance Quotes
Nova Insurance works with a number of dedicated insurance brokers so our customers can find the exact level of cover they require. Regardless of the size of your pet shop or the types of animals you specialise in we will be able to help find the right pet shop insurance for you.

If you would like to protect your premises as well as your business then make sure you ask our partners about property insurance. They can help protect the equipment in your store and arrange replacements if they are damaged, so make sure you fill out an online form today!

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At Nova Insurance we believe that every business should receive extensive yet affordable pet shop insurance no matter how big or small. Therefore, if you have any questions all you need to do is call our customer service team to get the answers you need!


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