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Carpenters Insurance

The term ‘carpentry’ covers a whole range of jobs, from creating timber frames for houses to installing skirting boards and stair rails.  Carpentry is also a job that requires a lot of time, skill and patience, which is why we offer tailored carpenters insurance that can protect your business and gives you the ability to work without restrictions.  So whether you specialise in restorations, construction, joinery or furniture we can help you choose an insurance policy that is right for you.

One of the biggest dangers for carpenters is that they often have to work with hazardous tools and are sometimes required to undertake jobs that involve working on a property’s basic structure.  This means that not only is there a danger of you hurting yourself but also causing thousands of pounds in damages if something goes wrong, which is why you need to be protected at all times.

Our carpenters insurance policies can include both public liability and employer’s liability cover as we know that no matter how hard you try there is no way you can protect your employees all the time.  For this reason our policies cater to companies of all sizes whether you are self-employed or have staff of one-hundred, so why not get a quote today and take advantage of our competitive prices?

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Do carpenters insurance cover joiners?
Yes, for all intents and purposes ‘joiners’ and ‘carpenters’ are considered the same here as we feel that it is essential for joiners to have cover that allows them to expand their skills into carpentry and vice versa. As long as you have the right qualifications then we can cover you for both joinery and carpentry with just one insurance product!

How can you protect my business?
Our carpenters insurance protects your business in a number of ways: firstly, it ensures that you will not have to cover the costs alone if damages are caused to a property during a job. Our cover can also help if you have an accident and have to stop working for a period of time even if you are in the middle of a project. Having to take time off work due to an injury is never welcome – especially if you are self-employed – but with our carpenters insurance we can ensure that you won’t be left in a difficult situation.

Are there any extras?
We offer a whole range of extras for our customers including insurance policies that will pay out if your tools are damaged, stolen or lost. We also provide business insurance that can cover your premises or vehicles, as we understand that if you have issues with these it can put a spanner in your whole operation. If you are looking for something more specific then make sure you call us on 0800 083 1566 and we can discuss exactly what you need.

Why us?
After spending a number of years working in the insurance industry we feel that we have come up with a range of products that really suit our customers’ needs. Furthermore, we have found that most tradesmen don’t have a lot of time for paperwork or administration which is why we have created a simple online form that only asks for essential information. If you want a top of the range insurance product while saving both time and money then make sure you get a quote with us today!


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