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Plasterers Insurance

Plastering jobs can range from patching up a few holes in a wall to helping reconstruct a large proportion of a property.  This is why plasterers need dexterity, patience and a considerable amount of skill in order to build up their reputation and client base.  The problem is that if something goes wrong you may find yourself not only losing a client but also being taken to court, which is why you need to protect yourself with plasterers insurance.

As plasterers work on both interior and exterior walls they are at risk of causing substantial structural damage to properties, especially when there are a large areas that need fixing.  Furthermore, there are times where you will have to use materials that can be dangerous or even toxic if inhaled, and if the worst happens you could be out of work for a long period of time and even have to face a loss of earnings.

Plasterers insurance can protect you against all these common problems, and here at Nova Insurance we offer policies that can not only protect you but also your business and your income.  We have spent over eighteen years helping tradesmen find the right insurance, so make sure you try us today and see how competitive our quotes are!

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What dangers are associated with plastering?
Plastering isn’t always associated with danger, however over the years we’ve had claims from numerous plasterers for a wide range of issues. For example, many carpenters have to use ladders or scaffolding while working on the exterior of properties, which means that they are at risk of falling and injuring themselves. However, injuries can also happen from just tripping up over something left out on a construction site! You never know what could happen, which is why our insurance policy protects you the whole time you are on a job.

Can my tools be protected?
Most definitely! Tools are one of the most expensive overheads for tradesmen however they do also seem to go missing on a frequent basis. Without the right tools any plasterer would struggle to do their job properly, and if they are working on an intricate project they may find it practically impossible. If you have a number of employees you may also find that your tools will wear down or break on a more regular basis, and this is where your plasterers insurance can really come in handy.

What legal protection do you offer?
All our plasterers insurance policies come with public liability insurance as standard as if any damages or injuries occur while on a job you could be held accountable. We also offer employer’s liability cover for those that own their own companies, as there is a very real danger of one of your employees injuring themselves and holding you responsible. In this day and age knowing you won’t have to face legal issues on your own is essential and could potentially save your business and your livelihood.

Why us?
We made a decision at Nova Insurance to offer a range of niche insurance policies for tradesmen instead of just grouping them together under one type of policy. After spending so many years working with a number of tradesmen we know that the difference between a plasterer and an electrician, carpenter and roofer is huge, and therefore can provide top quality customer service and insurance products that suit you. Applying for a quote only requires you to fill out one form, so if you only have a short amount of time then make sure you try us!


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