4 Tips for Running your own Tradesmen Business

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If you run your own tradesmen business you will often find yourself with a huge number of tasks to manage in a short amount of time. Having a thriving business with a number of jobs on the go is essential for any trade business’s success, however this can lead to a lot of stress and time spent organising your staff. This is why we look at four useful tips that any owner of a tradesmen business can use to help everything run smoothly:

Hire the Right Staff

As the owner of a business you will rely heavily on your staff to make sure they represent your company in the desired manner and complete their tasks on time. This is why it is so important you take the hiring process seriously and make sure you build up a team of workers you can rely on. A great way to find new staff is to get to know local colleges and universities in your area that specialise in tradesmen qualifications and depend on local businesses to provide work experience for students. Hiring students for work experience means you will be able to find the best new talent quickly and easily and also do your bit for the local community. You could even establish your company as an employer of choice for graduate tradesmen, meaning you will always have the opportunity to develop your business.

Organise your Jobs

We’ve all heard the saying “tidy house, tidy mind”, however the fact of the matter is that being organised really does make things easier and can lower your stress levels considerably. Depending on how tech-savvy you are, you can either create a spreadsheet detailing the jobs you currently have on a computer or do it the old fashioned way and create an organisation chart. Knowing what jobs you have, who is working on each one, and the length of time you expect them to take will not only prevent any confusion but will also give you the opportunity to make sure each job is being completed on time. If you find you are regularly spending more time on a job than what you originally estimated you could start to look at ways to improve your service to your customers.

Focus on Morale

As previously stated, hiring the right staff is extremely important for any trade company, however if your workforce doesn’t get along things can start to unravel extremely quickly. Getting to know your staff personally is a great way to boost morale as well as make sure there are no issues you need to deal with. Another benefit of getting to know your staff is that you can find out more about each member’s strength and weaknesses, and then either play to them or arrange training to improve their skills. Your staff will be the face of your company while on a job, so you want to make sure they represent you as a decent employer and leave your customers with a lasting impression. That way you are more likely to receive more business in the future!

Protect your Company

Along with organising the jobs your company is currently hired for, it is essential you make sure you keep all your financial and legal work in order. This means you need to keep on top of your payroll, taxes, tradesmen liability insurance, rent payments and vehicle maintenance on a regular basis, otherwise you will struggle to secure a profit. If you find yourself unable to cope with the amount of paperwork you have it may be wise to invest in an accountant or book keeper to help you, especially during busy times such as when you need to fill in your self-assessments for the HMRC. Don’t forget to also make time to read up on information concerning the trade industry so you can keep up with any changes and learn about new techniques or equipment that could help improve your business.

Putting measures in place to keep your business running smoothly will not only improve your likelihood of success but also help you stay ahead of the competition. As we have seen, organisation and a good working relationship with your staff is key, so focus on these and you should see your company improve.

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