By now most tradesmen will be familiar with the use of technology at home, but not as many take advantage of it at work. You can use your phone or tablet to automate routine tasks so as to save you valuable time and energy throughout your working day. By making full use of the technology available today, your work days can become more productive.

Here are some of the reasons why tradesmen should consider using technology at work:


It Can Save You Time:

You can use your phone to search for and buy any equipment or materials you need for a job, on the spot. The alternative would be to physically go shopping for the goods, which can take up valuable time. You can also make and take payments on the go, as well as create bids and estimates for new work in a short space of time.

Project management software can be used to help you plan and complete large jobs on time. On a smaller scale, a daily task manager and timer can help you stay focused on the most important tasks for the day.


It Can Save You Money:

With your phone or tablet you can use price comparison sites to get the best prices for purchases, as well as checking for any special deal or discount coupons.


It Can Bring In New Opportunities:

Having an online presence such as your own website can lead to more jobs for your business and increase awareness of your brand. Also, you can use social media channels to interact with your target market whenever you choose for free. In addition to that tradesmen can also use apps to find work.


It Can Help You Solve Problems:

If you run into a problem on site that requires you to seek advice, you can easily go online and check to see if others have had similar problems and what their solutions were. If that is not enough, you can reach out to experts in your field.

You don’t have to carry lots of paperwork, you can store any information such as plans drawing contracts, quotations in the cloud, and access them when you are on site. You can also check for equipment manuals and other relevant data you might need.


Manage Your Business:

Technology can be a great help in the daily running of your business. With smart phones, you can communicate with clients and colleagues on the go via email, or one of the many internet call services. Using accounting apps or software on your smart device, you can do your all your bookkeeping including your budgeting, as well as keeping track of your daily expenses, and calculating vat and taxes.

It is also easy to send estimates and invoices in a timely a professional manner. With your camera on your smart phone, you can take photos of work on site either as proof of progress or for your portfolio of work. You can also store ideas any that come to you throughout the day with voice recorders that can transcribe to notes.


The smart phone or tablet can be used as your digital personal assistant, simplifying your day to day tasks with the use of software and applications. Many of the apps required are free, and they can be downloaded, installed and put to use in minutes.

There are many ways you can use technology to make your job easier, so go ahead and choose a piece of software or an app, give it a try and enjoy the benefits. Remember to do some research into each software or application you plan to use, as well as staying safe online.